Develops over an 8 hour period and is perfect for those who like to sleep in their tans or who have time to develop slowly. 


Develops over a 2-4 hour period. Perfect for the tanner needing quick results.


Protect your tan with this all over body tanning powder. Specially formulated for spray tanning.







About our solutions

They are not sticky! Applies like a silky mist on the skin due to the unique formulation & dries quick so you can get dressed ASAP.

Realistic bronzers to avoid post shower disappointment. No more worried calls about your tan washing off & “going down the drain”.

Our odorless formulas means no stink! You wont find that funky spray tan smell or heavy perfumes to mask the smell that are in other solutions.

Longevity and fade is top rated by beauty pros & ranked superior to other products on the market.