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I'm my own Galentines đŸ’đŸ»â€â™€ïž

How I spoil the V and keep her fresh all year round, not just for Valentines.

Be gentle now, this mama of four has never shown her body like this but I got to be proud of the stripes and curves each #pregnancy plus a #hysterectomy gave my body. 2023 is going to be the year I learn to love myself and pamper myself as any woman should. Here is my routine to keeping myself feeling fresh and pampered. Hail to the V, and the V in Valentines Day ♄

I love taking yummy hot lavender rose epson salt tea baths! I got so lucky to be able to find this delightful bath tea from my local TJ Max, one of my favorite places to shop. Sitting in that bath I prep my body for a full body exfoliation using Green Envee's Enzymatic body scrub. Keeping a scrub like this handy twice a week in the bikini area keeps the V smooth and aides with the hair coming out so much easier during any type of #bikiniwax.

Once out of that hot relaxing bath my body needs some hydrating and sensual bikini oil. The Soother from our Just the Strip line keeps skin & hair soft, nourished & alluringly scented. The soother has such a sensual sent its my go to especially for the month of Love!

Now if I happen to have a pesky ingrown an absolute must is PFB's ingrown hair serum, this serum has ingrown busting salicylic acid to keep those irritating ingrown away. During the day I carry Wipe It Good Wipes to keep me feeling freshly showered.

I also can't forget a good soothing #vajacial after any #brazilianwax. Talk about keeping Miss Kitty calm as can be after a much needed bikini wax.

So there you have it my V Routine to keep me feeling empowered, fresh and bikini ready.

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